Thermal Image of Heat Leak thru Windows

Infrared Thermal Scanning

Infrared Scanning Services We Offer:


  • Free Infrared Thermal Scan With All Our General Home Inspections: Both the Premier Home Inspection Package as well as the Ultimate Peace of Mind Home Inspection Package include a free Infrared thermal scan of the entire home, inside and out.


  • Free Infrared Thermal Scan With All Mold Tests: FREE with every mold test is a limited Infrared thermal scan of the areas you chose to have us test for mold to determine if any active moisture exists that will lead to further mold growth.

  • Independent Infrared Thermal Scan: We offer thermal scan appointments to property owners that are hunting down moisture intrusion problems or insulation defects. If you have ACTIVE moisture seeping or leaking into your home we can help you determine the location of intrusion as well as determine the areas that are currently wet. (Call for details)

  • Radiant Floor/Driveway Heating System ​Thermal Scans: We offer thermal image scanning to map out radiant driveway heating systems and radiant floor heating systems. This is commonly done prior to drilling holes for concrete lifting/repair contractors to avoid damage to the sub-slab pipes. We can also help determine which zones in a radiant floor heat system are not operating properly. 

We Include a Free Whole-Home Infrared Thermal Scan With Every One of Our Home Inspections


  • We pioneered Infrared thermal scanning in home inspections in Utah, making us the most experienced experts available.


  • Our inspectors are highly trained, Certified Infrared Thermographers.


  • A home inspection without an Infrared scan just isn't the best home inspection you can get.


  • Through the use of Infrared we can find hidden moisture, plumbing leaks, missing/deficient insulation, electrical hot spots, large foundation cracks and more!

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Easy Online Scheduling

Schedule your Infrared thermal scan now! Shortly after scheduling you will receive a confirmation email. 

We offer infrared thermal scanning throughout Northern Utah in the following counties:

Davis, Morgan, Salt Lake, Summit, Tooele, Utah, Wasatch, and Weber.

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Detect Insulation Defects

Infrared thermal scanning is the most effective method to determine if a house is properly insulated.

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Test HVAC Operation and Duct Leaks

Infrared thermal scanning is a great way to check A/C efficiency and find thermal loss in ducts.

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Detect Moisture Intrusion / Leaks

Infrared thermal imaging is fast and effective at finding leaks and identifying the areas affected in a home.

Detect Electrical Defects

Infrared thermal imaging is effective at finding electrical hot spots in panels and wall cavities.

Best Way To Inspect Radiant Heating

Infrared thermal imaging will accurately show under-floor and sub-slab heating systems and determine if zones heat properly.

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General Whole-House Moisture Scans

Infrared thermal scanning is effective in determining exterior roof or siding leaks after a storm.