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The Highest Quality Home Inspections from an Experienced and Highly Trusted Utah Company

BTS Home Inspections has been in business in Utah since 2004, built on a reputation of integrity, honesty, accuracy and the thoroughness of our home inspections and environmental tests.

We have performed thousands of home inspections, mold tests, radon tests and meth tests across all of the Northern Utah cities, including Ogden, Bountiful, Salt Lake City, Orem, Provo, Eagle Mountain, Park City, Heber City, Tooele, and surrounding areas. 

  • Top Rated, Master Inspector trained home inspectors.

  • More home inspecting experience than 90% of our competitors combined.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee - Full refund of your fee up to 60 days after your inspection.

  • Our expertise is finding ALL the problems with your home, so there are no surprises later!

  • Competitive fees, Utah's most thorough home inspections and world-class inspection reports.

  • We make the process easy for you...from scheduling (online, text or phone option) to final report.

Located in Eagle Mountain, Utah, serving Northern Utah in the following areas:

Ogden, Salt Lake City, Orem/Provo, Logan, Brigham City, Eagle Mountain, Santaquin, Nephi, Tooele, Morgan, Park City & Heber City.


Home Inspections We Offer

Environmental Tests and/or Add Ons

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Home Inspection Packages

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Infrared Thermal Scan

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Interior Infrared Scan

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Radiant Heat

  • You will receive the most thorough, industry-leading, detailed home inspection including every system in the home, performed by one of our highly experienced, extremely thorough and friendly home inspectors. (See our home inspection services page for more details). 

  • We have an expert consultation and review with you at the end of the inspection to ensure you know everything you need to know about the home.

  • ​​We email you a very clean, simple-to-read, interactive, Internet-based inspection report within 24 hours after the inspection, including detailed photos (with zoom capabilities) and sometimes videos. No one tops our reports...period!

  • All our home inspections include a  whole-home INFRARED thermal scan of the interior and exterior of the home revealing possible additional defects in the home including:​ defects in structural components, hidden moisture in the wall cavities, hidden moisture behind siding/stucco, overheated electrical components, missing or improper insulation and possible plumbing blockages.

Premier INFRARED Home Inspection Package

Ultimate Peace of Mind Home Inspection Package

Offering you the ULTIMATE peace of mind, by evaluating the home to the fullest extent possible including: 

  • You will receive all of the benefits of the Premier INFRARED Home Inspection Package including the same thorough, industry-leading, detailed home inspection of every system in the home, performed by one of our highly experienced, extremely thorough and friendly home inspectors (See our home inspection services page for more details).


  • PLUS in addition to the Premier Inspection we will perform several important environmental tests that will detect if any possible unhealthy environmental concerns exist in the home including:


  • Radon Test - Determine if the presence of cancer-causing radon gas exists in the home.


  • Mold Test​ - Air sampling is done throughout the home and sent to an accredited lab to identify possible harmful molds and toxins that may be present in the home.


  • Meth Test - Random swab samples are collected from the home and analyzed by an accredited lab to determine if the presence of harmful Meth residue from Meth use/production exists.

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Whole-House Mold Test

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Meth Test

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Radon Test

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(Mold, Meth & Radon testing is already included in the Ultimate Peace of Mind Home Inspection Package with a bundle discount, but can be added on individually to the Premier Home Inspection Package).


These test are also offered as a stand-alone service to anyone.

Additional Add-On Services For Any Home:

Mold Testing

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We can test your home, business or recreational vehicle with air or surface samples to determine if any harmful mold spores exist. This is a highly sensitive test, and if there is mold in the area tested, we will be able to determine the type of mold and associated spore counts. Click here to learn more

Meth (Methamphetamine) Testing 


We can test homes, businesses, storage faculties, rental/moving trucks, vehicles, recreational vehicles (RVs) or personal belongings for harmful methamphetamine residue cause by the cooking and/or smoking of meth. Unfortunately, there is more of a meth problem in Utah than you would imagine. Click here to learn more

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Radon Testing (48 Hour CRM Test)

We offer the most accurate  short term Radon test with the fastest lab results available in Northern Utah and the Salt Lake Valley. Utah is a moderate to high Radon risk state, posing a higher risk for lung cancer. If at-risk levels of Radon gas is detected in your home, it can be mitigated for a reasonable cost. We do our own unbiased testing, rather than referring you to a 3rd party biased Radon mitigation company. Click here to learn more

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You need a company you can trust when buying a home. But you also need great customer service, easy scheduling, and a great product. Behind The Scenes Home Inspection covers all the bases. 

Main Sewer Line Scope

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We offer sewer scope inspections for an additional fee to inspect the condition of the main sewer line from the house out to the street. This is particularly important in older homes or homes with large trees in the yard near the sewer line. When you schedule this service through us, we will contact and make arrangements with a trusted, licenced plumber we contract out. Main sewer line replacement is very expensive and can cost thousands of dollars, so having the line inspected with a camera can be a huge benefit before you buy a home.

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COVID-19 Update: 

Our team continues to practice safe standards and follow all recommended guidelines. All our staff and inspectors are healthy, out working (with caution, social distancing and wearing our face masks when meeting with clients) and here to meet your inspection needs. In the event an inspector become symptomatic they will be sent home from work for the required quarantine time frame.