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Davis County Home Inspections

As a new homeowner, one of the first things you should do as part of the home buying process is have a professional home inspection! At BTS Home Inspections, we provide Davis County home inspections, checking the overall condition of the home. We also offer moldmeth, lead paint, and radon gas tests in Utah. We also offer NPMA-33 termite inspections. Our experienced inspectors will make sure your home is livable and safe, and may just provide you with leverage to negotiate when it comes to having repairs done before your closing date.

Why Home Inspections Are Important


Skipping a home inspection when buying a new home may appear to save you money upfront, you may actually end up spending even more down the road when it comes to hidden repairs or illegal additions. Doing a home inspection as part of your due diligence work when purchasing a home can save you time and money—as well as heartache when things don’t go your way.


While your new home may appear to be in perfect working order, oftentimes more serious issues aren’t visible to the untrained eye. Without an inspection, you may just miss a problem with the plumbing, wiring, or even the foundation. Our BTS inspectors are trained to spot these problem areas and more.

Knowing Your Home


In the end, it’s just nice to know what you are buying! Doing the right kind of research on your new home may just make you alert to problems you wouldn’t have known about or could possibly be surprised with down the road. Whether you use that information gained from your home inspection to bargain with the seller to fix problems or reduce the overall price, or decide to look for another home entirely, is all up to you.

Contact Us Today


If you are ready for an inspection and buying a home in Davis County, we’d love to help you out. We service the cities of Bountiful, Layton, Clearfield, Kaysville, Farmington, Centerville, Woods Cross, Syracuse, North Salt Lake and more! Just give us a call to make an appointment at 801-616-0000 today. If you’d prefer, you may also schedule your appointment online by clicking the button below.

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