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Certified Salt Lake County Home Inspections

Are you buying or selling property in the beautiful Salt Lake County? There are several homes with breathtaking views of the Great Salt Lake and convenient access to Salt Lake City. 


Salt Lake County homes can develop mold, structural challenges, and other dangers. You may not know exactly what you’re buying in your future home until you invest in a Salt Lake County home inspection. We can relieve any uncertainty that you may have.


If you’re selling a home, one of our Master Inspectors will thoroughly search for any potential problems. We’ll arrange the scheduling, inspection, and reporting fast and easy for you, keeping in touch whatever way you would prefer—email, text, or even phone calls.

Home Inspection Services in Salt Lake County


What goes into a professional home inspection? We check for every possible problem that could be hazardous, and that is against building codes and regulations or could inhibit the selling of your home. 


We take the hassle out of the real estate as much as possible by helping you check off home inspections. While we examine every inch of the property, we are primarily inspecting


  • Structural problems

  • Visible Mold

  • Water damage

  • Faulty wiring

  • Common reasons for repair requests

  • Inadequate insulation

  • Much more


You can also add on these additional services: 


  • Mold Testing: We check for mold on every surface as well as in the air, even sending samples back to an accredited laboratory.

  • Infrared Scan: Thermal cameras reveal any moisture that could encourage mold growth (FREE with your home inspection or mold test).

  • Radon Testing: Within a 48 hours continuous monitor radon test, we can detect dangerous levels of radon, which is linked to lung cancer.

  • Meth Testing: Unnoticed, past meth creation and use can contaminate even any home, but our test easily reveals the presence of meth.

Schedule a Salt Lake County Home Inspection


Schedule Salt Lake County home inspections with Behind the Scenes Home Inspections, and we provide a 60-day money-back guarantee. Take the mystery out of any potential problems in your home when buying or selling. Contact BTS Home Inspections now by quickly scheduling an appointment.

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