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Realtor Relationships


In this slower period in the real estate industry, it is more critical than ever to fine tune your business, improve your practices, be one step ahead of your competition, and make sure your clients are getting referred to the best vendors in the industry.


What are your unique selling points to potential clients?


What makes you stand out above other agents they may choose?


What can you do to MAKE SURE your client has the absolute best experience and WILL refer you to all their friends and family? 

We have been in the real estate industry as home inspectors for a LONG time. We have worked with thousands of agents and can bring a different perspective to the table in regards to the Realtor/client relationship. For years we have been hearing feedback from home buyers, sellers,  and their Realtors about the home buying experience/process in regards to the Realtor/client relationship. Often this is good feedback, sometimes it is not so good. We have actively used these years of feedback about the Realtor/client relationships that we have been a part of to fine tune our home inspection business to be sure your (and our) clients are more than 100% satisfied with the entire home inspection process.

One important thing we have learned is that your experience as a real estate agent with a home inspection company (or other vendor) should never just be a name on a vendor list or a checkmark in the due diligence process, but rather a RELATIONSHIP where we can help you, you can help us, and we can build a trusting, working friendship! A professional relationship that we can bounce ideas off each other, talk about market conditions, and help each other grow and succeed.

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We are always improving, always growing, and always looking for a better way to serve our clients. We took a long hard look at our already highly praised inspection reports and found a way to make them even better. Here are some changes:

  • Changed our reporting categories to help clients better understand and prioritize the urgency of the concerns we find: Major Concern, Prompt Repair Needed, Less Urgent Concern, Cosmetic, Maintenance, FYI (we have already heard rave reviews on our beta tests)

  • Created a cleaner, sleeker, more modern report graphic design

  • Created a standard photo size at first glance, with the option to click on and view a much larger photo. This allows us to increase our photo size in the reports

  • Improved the printable summary to include general items and maintenance items on the same summary

  • Updated our comment format to not only include the description of the concern, but also include a "level of concern", and we now also recommend a specific type of repair person specific to that concern

(Mobile friendly, but best viewed on desktop due to report size)



Check out all our hundreds of 5 STAR reviews on our reviews page.

Luxury Home Inspection
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(Reading this will change your life and ultimately save you time and stress)

  • The first and most important reason is the way we treat our clients (and yours), the real estate agents we work with, and our own team members. No one beats our customer service!

  • Having the right mission, vision, and core values from day one (18 years ago) allows us to be focused at all times on what is most important - the people, the inspection process, and company growth.


  • We have created a culture within our company structure that allows all of our team members to have an ownership mentality, develop lasting professional relationships, and continue to exceed all expectations.


  • The home inspection industry is growing, changing, and evolving. With a growth mindset and incredible team we never "let off the gas" in our growth efforts. This allows us to be far better than an average "Chuck-in-a-truck inspector" that was common 5-10 years ago. We will be here for you when you need us!

  • We re-think and fine-tune our processes, our customer service, the services we offer, our inspection procedures, our reports, and every other aspect of our business on a regular basis to make sure we save as much of your and your clients time as possible, eliminate as much stress and anxiety as possible for you and your client, provide the most thorough services, and make the reports and findings as easy to understand as possible.

Here are just some of the ways we do this:

  • We make scheduling easy (on the phone, via text, or even online)

  • We actually answer our phones, and you get to talk to a Client Care Specialist who will guide your and/or your client through making informed decisions about what services they want or need based on the home and their biggest concerns

  • We will guide them through the entire inspection process from start to finish and provide them with all the information that they may need, when the need it, throughout the process

  • We offer to schedule the inspection with all the involved parties to free up some of your valuable time as a Realtor

  • We are a one-stop shop. We offer a WIDE variety of inspection and ancillary services to meet your client's needs and expectations. As a real estate professional your time is too valuable to have to call multiple companies to schedule multiple services, so let us handle it all for you.

  • We send detailed confirmation emails/texts, reminder emails/texts, and provide online agreements and payment links all the the right time. We understand its a busy, stressful time and things get forgotten.

  • Our inspectors reach out at the beginning of each inspection to you and your client to see if there are any special concerns, and also send a text message when it is getting close to the walkthrough time

  • Our inspectors do a detailed walkthrough, making sure everyone's questions are answered with a good attitude and a non-alarming, fact-based demeanor

  • We have developed the worlds greatest inspection report (and people praise us for it all the time). Our report takes tons on information and makes it easy to understand: 1) we rate the urgency/significance of each concern, 2) we use easy-to-read comments with no technical contractor jargon, 3) we have designed a clutter-free/clean looking home inspection report, 4) we use detailed photos that clearly mark the concern, 5) our report are embedded in a live webpage, so you can enlarge photos and we can add video if needed, 6) we include courtesy photos, notate positive things about the home (to help reinforce the great things about the home), 7) we include maintenance related findings, 8) all concerning information is included in a printable summary if printing is desired.

  • We email inspection reports on the same day of the inspection (generally later in the evening), including a text reminder.

  • We are always available for follow-up questions or concerns following the inspection (even months later if needed).

  • We serve a wide service area across most of Northern Utah so you don't have to have multiple inspectors and keep track of who goes where. North Ogden to Richfield, Tooele to Park City

  • We act fast because we understand the real estate industry's needs and expectations! We can generally get inspections scheduled within 1-3 days.

  • We are reliable! We have a track record over the years of completing 99.8% of our inspections when they were originally scheduled.

  • We are thorough and accurate! We know all inspectors claim this, but we can back it up with the fact that we have one of the very lowest callback/complaint ratios out of over 250 home inspection companies that we network with around the country. Our callback/complaint percentage is only 0.6% of all the inspections we do. That is 6 out of 1000 customers/homes we work with. No one is perfect, but we come pretty close.

The bottom line is that we will do everything we can to make the home inspection process as simple, stress-free, productive, accurate, positive, and fast as possible.

We believe everyone deserves to have the absolute best home inspection experience for the absolute best value possible!



We issue a personal challenge to you TODAY:

Give us your next two home inspections and we WILL prove to you why we are the last home inspection company you will ever need to try. 

If you currently refer us to your clients, we challenge you put us on the TOP of your referral list (if we aren't already).

If we are already on the top of your referral list, we challenge you to add a gold star by our name.

"I have worked with Troy and his team for the last 17 years and in my mind he is the best in the industry." - Eric B., Realtor (July 2022)

"Awesome inspections. I've worked with Troy (and his team) for 15 yrs and really trust his work. He is very thorough and good at explaining the results." - Spencer W., Realtor/Broker (1999)

"Behind the Scenes is a great company to do your home inspections and getting Kris as our inspector was our good fortune (they've all been good Kris did this inspection for us). He was on time, let us know he was there and that he would notify us when he was ready for us to come for the walk through. He even asked if we had anything we had specific concerns about he could look for. His inspection was complete and detailed noticing the good things as well as the "bad". I like that they have many additional tests and options you can have done, depending on the house. Keep these guys on your list of good home inspectors. From start to finish this was a good experience. "    - Barb H., Realtor (October 2022)

Check out all of our hundreds of 5 STAR client and Realtor reviews on our reviews page.

"I have recommended Behind the scenes inspections to many clients of mine. We've always had an excellent experience. They do a thorough job and are very professional. I love the scans they do to detect leaks. It has been a lifesaver. I Highly recommend them to anyone looking to get an inspection done." - Tyson W., Realtor (2020)

"As a real estate professional I LOVE hearing from clients about great experiences that have had with a company. Behind the Scenes gets great feedback from my clients! They can schedule VERY fast (usually next day) inspections, which allows us to have short due diligence on offers (and be more competitive). I really love that they use state of the art infrared to screen for unseen issues in homes."  - Micah O., Realtor (2021)

"Highly recommend Behind the Scenes Home Inspection. Very knowledgeable, thorough, and professional. I will definitely recommend to my clients in their home buying and selling process."                                                      - Carlee H., Realtor (May 2022)

"My real estate clients use Behind The Scenes all the time. Over the past years, this company has always performed quality inspections while helping buyers understand what need to be fixed now and what can just be on their list of home improvement projects after they move in. Thanks Troy! You company and staff are the best!"  - Andrew A., Realtor/Broker (1998)

"As a real estate professional, I see home inspection services from many vendors. For my own transactions, I always choose Behind the Scenes. The reason why is simply that they don't miss things." - Brent H., Realtor (2021)

"Behind The Scenes is the best! I have been using for about 8 years now and wont go anywhere else."  - Bryson P., Realtor (1999)

"Troy and his team are always professional. He is very detail oriented and really takes the time to explain and answer my clients questions. He also includes infrared inspection standard which I think is so important. My clients always leave our inspections feeling confident about their inspection, his desire to give them facts about the condition of the home are always detailed and honest. He also will always suggest resolutions to problems or concerns they have. Troy is someone you can count on and trust with your home inspection."  - Jamie C., Realtor (1996)


Team Strength

Our Mission:

With integrity, high family values, and exceptional customer service as the very core of our company, we exercise these tools as we enable people to make confident, informed, and fact-based decisions about the quality and safety of the place they call home.

Our Vision:

To empower our team members to strengthen each other in our common goal to build the most respected, honest, and talented team in our industry. To never stop raising the bar of customer service, loyalty, and industry standards which will continue to strengthen us as individuals and as a team, allowing us to make a positive impact on the communities that we serve and love.

Our Values:

    Integrity - Family Values - Accountability - Accuracy -

Trust - Passion - Loyalty - Fun

Our Team's Rules of Play (Our Culture):

  • Every team member to take “mental ownership” of the company

  • We fill our lives with positive, uplifting things and work to push out the negative things

  • We sideline life in the comfort zone and strive to live in the growth zone

  • We only “Get The W” as a team, by taking individual ownership for our attitude and actions and play as a team

  • We must know ourselves, be honest with ourselves, love ourselves, and trust ourselves in order to be an asset to ourselves, the company “family” and all those we serve

  • We may dress casually in work attire, but we are always mentally dressed our sharpest

  • We ponder and show gratitude regularly

  • We play to win, we play hard with no regrets, but always with only the highest level of sportsmanship and respect.

  • We never sacrifice the quality and accuracy of our work

  • Slow the race, find your space! When work is done, do what you love! Slow yourself down, get outdoors, pursue your passion

Ask about our Military, 1st Responder, or our Teacher/Educator discounts.

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