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Don't Make The Mistake Of Assuming Your Future Home, Vehicle, Or RV, Is Not Contaminated

  • Homes, businesses, recreational vehicles, cars, boats, storage facilities and even moving trucks can all be contaminated with meth residue that can be harmful to your health and contaminate your property.

  • Unfortunately, Utah has a history of some of the highest meth contaminated homes per ca-pita in the nation, and meth use is on the rise in Utah again.

  • We test homes each and every week here in Utah that have wide ranges of harmful meth contamination. 

  • Studies show that 1 in 10 residences certain parts of the Wasatch Valley are contaminated with harmful residue from meth use or meth labs.

  • We test homes all the time that end up testing positive for meth contamination that you would never have suspected it would be contaminated.

We offer several meth testing options in Utah throughout the Salt Lake Valley and Northern Utah including Logan, Brigham City, Ogden, Layton, West Valley, Salt Lake City, Santaquin, Nephi, Park City, Heber City, Tooele and more. 

  • Real Estate/Residential Meth Testing


  • Rental Property Meth Testing

  • Meth Testing in Storage Units, Moving Trucks, RV's, Boats & Vehicles​​

We offer meth testing throughout Northern Utah in the following areas:

Ogden, Salt Lake City, Orem/Provo, Santaquin, Tooele, Morgan, Park City & Heber City.

Example of two very different homes that tested positive for Meth contamination.

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Meth Contaminated House.jpg

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Methamphetamine (aka "Meth") Contamination Can Occur in Two Ways:


  • The most heard of type of contamination is the cooking of Meth (involving many toxic chemicals) in dangerous makeshift labs often in homes, apartments, storage units, moving trucks, recreational vehicles, etc. Cooking meth will leave high levels of harmful, toxic contamination and can also be very flammable.

  • The second, and most common, method of contamination is when someone smokes Meth. The smoke and vapors will collect throughout the room, house, or environment it is smoked in leaving harmful, toxic residue as well. In our many years of testing we have found contamination levels can vary greatly based on the regularity and timeline of the Meth use. 

  • Meth residue can not be simply wiped off or removed through carpet cleaning. It soaks through the paint and into fabric and carpet. If the contamination level exceeds a certain level, then a professional cleanup is needed. This can be very costly and can range from $5,000-$35,000.

  • Sometimes there are signs of meth contamination in a home, but often in cases of Meth use there will be no visible signs or smells. Some smells associated with Meth can include an Ammonia type smell, a pet urine type smell, or even a smell similar to burnt popcorn.


  • Visible signs can include burn marks, red colored stains, drug paraphernalia, propane tanks, pressure cookers, ph test strips, turkey basters, jugs, runner gloves, funnels, strainers, duct tape and many more items.

Examples of Meth Lab Chemicals And Materials