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We offer a variety of home inspection services for home buyers, home owners, investors, renters and more.

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Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Single Family Homes, Condos, Townhomes, Multi-Family Properties

Most home buyers actually spend very little time in the home they are about to buy. The unknown can be scary. 

Our expertly trained home inspectors will comb through every inch of your future home to determine what is good, bad or needs repair. 

When we are finished, we have you meet us for a consultation at the home to review our findings and answer all your questions.

Soon after we will provide you with our industry leading, very detailed home inspection report with all the information you need to make your decisions and negotiate possible repairs with the sellers.

When the inspection process is over we will make sure you know every detail you need to know about the condition of your future home.

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Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Getting ready to sell your home? 

Wonder what issues may affect the sale?

Some not-so-perfect items in your home that will be discovered when the buyer's get their home inspection can delay the selling process, possibly affecting the appraisal, or maybe even scare the buyers into backing out of the sale.

Issues often exist like: past water damage, mold, structural concerns, electrical problems and safety concerns. These can cause a buyer to ask for repairs, forcing you to scramble to find last minute contractors to make repairs in a very tight time frame, ultimately costing you higher contractor labor rates or delayed closing of the sale.


Having worked with thousands of home buyers, our highly experienced home inspectors go through your home inside and out, top to bottom, and help you determine if certain repairs are needed prior to listing the home, or what repairs you may want to hold off on.

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New Construction Final Home Inspections

So, you're building a new home. It's such an exciting but yet overwhelming process. 

You're probably thinking, "Why do I need my own home inspector? The builder and city inspector will be inspecting the home during the process." 

In our MANY years of experience, we can't count the number times where we have found items missed by city inspectors, even as good as they are. An extra set of expert eyes looking over ever component of your new home is highly recommended.

Not all builders are the same. Some are better than others. We have inspected thousands of new homes, so we can help you determine if the craftsmanship in your new home is acceptable or sub-par.

Needed repairs caught and made before closing will save time and headache rather than dealing with repairs under warranty after moving in.

Examples of some defects we have found before:

  • Insufficient attic insulation

  • Missing fireplace exhaust flues

  • Improper roof sealing/flashing

  • Air conditioners not charged with Freon

  • Poor craftsmanship on cabinetry, wall texturing, paint, and much more.

Schedule appointment for 1-3 days before your final walk-through.

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11th Month Home Warranty Inspections

So, you moved into your newly built home less than a year ago. Maybe you didn't get it inspected by us back then. Maybe you didn't even realize you should have. 

Well, now your one year home warranty is going to expire soon.


Is there anything that may need repair? Anything that you are unsure if it is normal or not?


Any defect that were missed when your home was built that you may not notice until later when the repairs will be at your expense?

Now is the time for one of our expert certified home inspectors to comb through every inch of your home, preparing a report of every little item the builder needs to repair. You can then provide our professional report to your builder's warranty representative and get the needed repairs taken care of by your builder BEFORE your home warranty expires.


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