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Electrical System Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

From the lights that illuminate every room in your house to the appliances that allow you to cook and store food, there is so much that your home’s electrical system allows you to do. Life would undoubtedly be more difficult without it. It’s that high level of importance that means that you really can’t afford to ignore signs that your electrical system just isn’t working quite the way it should be.

Flickering Lights

Depending on how superstitious you are and the history of your home, you might be forgiven for chalking flickering lights up to the presence of ghostly visitors. The more likely, and rational, explanation is that there’s something not quite right with your electrical system. Odds are that it is a loose connection somewhere. How wide the affected area is can be an indicator of how deep in your system the problem lies.

Circuit Breaker Trips

Your home’s circuit breaker is designed to trip if the system becomes overloaded. It’s a safety feature that is meant to help protect both you and the system. Tripped circuit breakers can happen without there being an actual problem in your system, but if you notice that it’s happening frequently, you may have something going on that warrants having professional attention given to it. The problem may be something as simple as having too many high-energy devices or appliances pulling energy at the same time, or that there’s a problem deeper in the system.

Funny Smells

Smelling something burning is never a good sign. If it happens to be electrical wiring that is melting and burning the plastic or rubber coating around it, you have a serious problem that warrants immediate attention. Ignoring this one will inevitably land you in the middle of an electrical fire. You may also notice funny smells around your electrical outlets or electrical panel. Those will also need immediate attention.

When you choose to ignore electrical system red flags, you put your home and those inside of it at risk, not to mention the problem of finding yourself facing the prospect of having a system that just isn’t working. If you notice anything odd about the electricity in your home, give us a call so we can inspect it for you. The sooner you know what the problem is, the faster a licensed electrician will be able to fix it.

Ready to have us come take a look? Schedule Your Inspection with us today!

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Ferenc Davies
Ferenc Davies
Jun 30, 2023

Electrician Phoenix AZ is guaranteed to help you out, no matter how serious the electrical repair work is. Electrical issues are bound to occur every now and then, that too without any prior warnings. If these problems go ignored, there is a fair chance that they will cause further life-threatening risks and problems.

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