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Home at Risk of Mold? Get Professional Mold Testing in Utah

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Mold growth inside any home is a dangerous thing—and for some of the same reasons that it is useful outdoors. Molds can damage, stain, and break down wood and other materials in your home. Plus, many people’s bodies react poorly to mold, especially to invisible mold spores. This can be a health hazard, even for pets, and a major reason for professional mold testing in Utah.

How Can Mold Affect Your Home?

Mold spores are almost always present, floating in the air or attached to dust. Occasionally, they are stimulated to grow in one location—typically where there is moisture. The mold can then cause rotting in that particular surface or material, just as mold breaks down a dead tree in a forest.

Any porous or absorbent material can host mold and become damaged, including wood, carpet, tile, art, and furniture. If mold spreads in any of these items, you may need to dispose of them because it’s nearly impossible to clean out all of the mold.

Mold can also grow either in an HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system or near enough to it that the system will spread the mold. It can be expensive and difficult to clean mold out of an HVAC system. You might need professional mold removal, as you may not be able to remove it all.

Mold can also leave stains on surfaces, even after it is removed. It can also cause a smell that many people dislike. And mold can hide behind, under, or in wallpaper, pipes, rugs, carpet pads, furniture, ducts, and roof materials.

What Mold Does to You and Your Pets

Health problems caused by mold often include allergic reactions. As mold spores grow, they release substances that cause runny noses, eye redness, rashes, and sneezing in some people. Mold can also release toxins. Plus, asthma sufferers can have an attack triggered by mold.

Even pets can be affected by mold. Some pets may lose their appetites, scratch even without fleas, have trouble breathing, get nose bleeds, bite themselves, act extremely tired, and have common allergic reactions.

How to Get Mold Removed (or Noticed) by Professionals

If you can physically see mold in your home, then you already know it is present. Special sampling and inspections are not usually needed to confirm it or to determine the type of mold.

But, you may need professional help to clean up a large mold problem. Keep in mind that even when mold is killed, dead mold can still trigger allergies in some people. A thorough cleaning is needed to remove it completely.

And, there are certain times to get professional mold testing in Utah:

  • When you can’t see mold but can smell it

  • You have water leaks that might cause hidden mold—or there have been water problems previously

  • Someone in your household has unexplained medical issues possibly caused by mold

  • You are buying or selling a property that might be contaminated

  • You want to ensure mold levels are safe after cleanup

  • You want to test and improve your air quality

  • You’re resolving a dispute between you and your landlord (or between you and a tenant)

Call Behind the Scenes Home Inspections for Professional Mold Help

Our professional mold inspections in Utah are guaranteed to give you accurate results. Behind the Scenes Home Inspections can detect dangerous levels of mold spores in your home or business—or even in your RV. After a thorough inspection, we can also tell you what type of mold is present. Contact us today to schedule your professional mold inspection.

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