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My Home Is a New Construction: Does It Need an Inspection?

Being the first owner of a new home is exciting. No one has ever owned the home before you. Thanks to its new construction status, it should be in pristine condition. There shouldn’t be any need to inspect it because everything has just been finished, right? As it turns out, that’s not quite how it works.

Why an Inspection Matters

The hope is always that the home’s builder did a quality job and finished everything before declaring it completed. That isn’t always how it goes, however, and it’s not always the builder’s fault. Builders may subcontract work out to other contractors whose diligence may vary. Sometimes corners get cut in an attempt to meet deadlines. It may be a matter of making a simple mistake. Whatever the reason, new constructions are not inherently free of flaws. Getting your home inspected before everything is finalized can protect you from liability for such flaws.

Types of New Construction Inspections

There are a few different types of inspections that should be done on a new construction home: For example, it is highly recommended that new home buyers get a final inspection on their new construction. The final inspection is done at the end of the construction process as a pass/fail assessment of whether or not the home is up to code.

If buyers choose not to have a new construction final inspection done, they can opt for the 11th-month home warranty inspection offered at Behind the Scenes Home Inspections. This inspection is performed shortly before their home builders warranty expires. It will ideally bring to light defects in the home that weren’t noticed beforehand.

Commonly Spotted Problems

You’d think that new construction homes wouldn’t have problems since they’re new. That’s not how it works though. Common problems with new constructions include faulty framing, foundation cracks, and poor grading. HVAC issues, leaky windows, electrical problems, and plumbing issues may be found as well. An inspection could also spot problems like a lack of insulation, partially installed fixtures, missing hardware, and issues with handrails.

Inspections matter regardless of whether a home has had a previous owner or not. You don’t want to buy any house only to discover later that it has problems you’ll be responsible for fixing. Don’t just take the builder’s word for it that everything has been done properly. Even the best builders make mistakes. Make sure you cover all your bases by having your home professionally inspected before the deal is done.

Do you need a final inspection done on a new construction home? Behind the Scenes Home Inspections can help! Click here to schedule your inspection today!

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