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Signs of Sewer Trouble Every Homeowner Should Know

You probably don’t spare much thought for your home’s sewer system most of the time. Why would you? If it’s working properly, there’s not much to prompt you to think about it. Still, problems may come up on occasion. Given how devastating sewer trouble can be, it’s smart to know what signs to look for.

Bad Smells

It’s no secret that sewage smells. If you notice a smell like rotten eggs, skunk stench, burning sulfur, or general sewer stink, you may have a sewer problem. It means that sewer gasses are backing up from the sewer system and entering your home, possibly through a dried or broken seal or through a rooftop vent stack that has been damaged. Act quickly if you notice such smells. Sewer gas can contain hydrogen sulfide which is toxic.

Slow or Gurgling Drains

Drains don’t typically become clogged overnight. Clogs tend to develop slowly over time. This can cause your drains to drain water at a slower rate. If left unaddressed, a clog can get bad enough that sewage re-enters your home through the drain. These clogs are often in your home’s main sewer drain. So, phone a plumber if your drain doesn’t seem to be draining as quickly.

Gurgling drains are another sign of trouble, most commonly observed in toilets. They are indicative of a clog forming in the drain pipe. The problem may be isolated to that drain alone or it may be a problem with the main sewer line. It must be addressed or sewage will eventually back up.

Extra Green Grass

Every homeowner wants a lush, green lawn. There is such a thing as your lawn being too lush, however, especially if that lushness is concentrated in specific areas. Grass needs plenty of nutrients to grow well, and those nutrients are in ample supply in sewage. An extra lush, green patch or path of grass could indicate that your sewer line is cracked or broken and sewage is leaking out. That can make that part of your lawn wet or boggy. The pipe will most likely need to be removed and replaced to fix the problem.

Just because your sewer system seems fine now doesn’t mean that it always will be. There could be trouble eventually. Knowing what signs to watch out for helps you minimize the damage. Get your sewer system inspected at the first sign of trouble so you can keep things running smoothly without any smelly messes.

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Jul 05

Homeowners should be aware of signs of sewer trouble, such as slow drains, foul odors, gurgling sounds, and sewage backups. Early detection of these issues can prevent severe damage and costly repairs. Regular inspections and prompt attention from a professional plumber can help maintain a healthy and functional sewer system.

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