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Two Things You Should Never Do With the Electrical System In Your Home

Electricity is such an integral part of our lives today that it’s hard to imagine living without it for very long. The downside to how ubiquitous it is is that we don’t always treat it with the respect that we should. In fact, some people make some pretty serious mistakes when it comes to interacting with the electrical system in their home.

Cover or Nest Cords

Having a lot of electrical cords running rampant around a room can be both unsightly and dangerous. If you have a cord-heavy room, you might be tempted to nest them together or cover them up. That’s not necessarily any better though. Both nesting and covering cords can cause them to overheat. The same can be said of allowing clutter to pile up around them or your power strips. This can cause an electrical fire. Instead, keep your cords clear of clutter with plenty of breathable space.

Ignore Damaged Wiring

Most of the wiring you can easily see is covered by plastic or rubber. That helps keep you safe from the current flowing through the wires. If that insulation becomes damaged, you run a much higher risk of becoming injured or suffering property damage. Damaged wiring can happen from things like wear and tear over time or from rodents using them as something to gnaw on. Don’t ignore the damage if you see it. If the wiring is for something like a phone charger or another household device, you may be able to disconnect it and discard it, replacing it with a new cable. Otherwise, you’ll need the expertise of a licensed electrician to handle the problem. Make sure you understand why it’s happened too so you can keep it from happening again.

Electricity is immensely convenient, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. That’s why you should never do things like using a three-prong adapter on a two-prong outlet, cover or nest electrical cords, or ignore damaged wiring. Remember, it’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to something as important, yet deadly as electricity can be.

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