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Red Flags to Watch Out for If You Have a Deck

When it comes to aspects of your home that can enhance both your home and your yard, few things can manage it quite the way a deck can. They’re wonderful for relaxing on, whether you want to soak in some sun or enjoy a gentle outdoor stretching session. Still, the only way for you to really be able to enjoy your deck fully is to ensure that it is completely safe to use. To that end, there are some red flags that anyone who has a deck should watch out for.

Wood Rot

If your deck has any wooden components, wood rot is one thing you definitely need to keep an eye out for. Rotted wood leads to deck instability, which can be incredibly dangerous to anyone who uses it. Look for rot and signs of it along the bottom of your deck, especially on the support structures near the ground. While the presence of mold, moss, or algae aren’t guarantees that you have rotten wood, they could be indicators and should be investigated more closely.

Moving Rails or Boards

No one wants to be walking around on their deck and feel rails and boards moving underneath them. This is a sure sign that something is wrong with your deck that should be addressed as soon as possible. It isn’t abnormal for floorboards to squeak when stepped on, but they shouldn’t be moving, giving, sagging, or bending. You shouldn’t have any broken rails either.

Inadequate Ledger Support

Decks are partially supported by the house to which they are attached. These supports are called ledgers. When done properly, deck ledgers should extend into the house and connect to the floor supports. Sometimes, however, they are simply drilled into the home’s exterior. Not only can this violate building codes, but it can pose a safety hazard over time as the supports pull away from the house. This is a huge red flag that definitely warrants a homeowner’s attention.

Making sure your deck is safe is an important part of owning one. Make sure you regularly inspect it to check for any signs of damage like wood rot, moving rails or boards, or inadequate ledger support. Address any issues you find as soon as possible so you can continue to safely enjoy your deck in peace.

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